Monday, June 29, 2009

ジャングルへようこそ第 2 welcome to the jungle 2 i'm not scared of spiders. i don't want to pick them up and let them crawl on my face, but they don't bother me...or they didn't.

we were moving a bookshelf and found this little lady hiding behind it, holding on to her eggs for safe keeping. of course it was a huge deal and we were all snapping pictures. i got my hand close enough to take this picture when it bolted. eika screamed and ran to other side of the shelf, when we realized that just above her head, clinging to the shelf was another monster sized spider! this place is craaazy!

i'm sure you're, did you kill it? nope, just tossed it outside :) i can't kill something that magnificent.


The Family of Logo said...

spiders are cool

mom said...

I would be on the next plane outta there! Jeez Louise!

Ash said...

so how big was it? I can't tell from the picture.

and who's eika?

ryan said...

maybe the size of my hand?

eika is the girl in the picture.

ryan said...

lately all the comments from mom are about how much she would hate it here.

lighten up mom ;)

im kidding.

Scotty Vega said...


i like your comment to ashley about who eika is...very snarky

Ash said...

scott, i didn't even catch the eika comment until you mentioned it. i was more interested in how big that hideous creature was.