Tuesday, May 20, 2008

you're on candid camera!

My friend Ai asked me, "do you ever draw smiling, or laughing faces?" In response I drew this:

romaji de kaite suimasen. tomodachi no Ai chan ga "waratteru kao nanka kaiteru?" to kiite, ore no kaitou wa kore:

hahaha, guess not.

(warau) ma~iika. kanashii kao ga suki kana

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday my boss bought me a shiny new 6x8 Wacom tablet! I've been using the old cheap model with food stuck to it for far too long. It works, its just not that good for drawing. I tell myself I need to start practicing drawing in photoshop, but never find the time to do it (im really trying to narrow my hobbies down to one...maybe 2...3? 3's a good number.)

I don't see it at all, but people say my drawings always end up looking like me.