Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yesterday my boss bought me a shiny new 6x8 Wacom tablet! I've been using the old cheap model with food stuck to it for far too long. It works, its just not that good for drawing. I tell myself I need to start practicing drawing in photoshop, but never find the time to do it (im really trying to narrow my hobbies down to one...maybe 2...3? 3's a good number.)

I don't see it at all, but people say my drawings always end up looking like me.




mom said...

Rhyme, before I read the part about people saying your drawings always look like you, I thought, "wow, that kinda looks like Ryan, I wonder if it's supposed to be a self portrait."

How nice to see a posting from you! I was pleasantly surprised.
Love you!

Patrick Jinks said...

Bout dang time! Your talent is amazing! More blogging please.

Denver said...

OH. YOU're back? Y'know, I was just getting used to the bitter silence of a blogless world. Being able to work a full day without checking blogger was real nice. WAY to go ryan, way to go.


That Girl said...

come'on, are you serious? YOu don't mean to be drawing yourself? LOL

Okay, so looking back on the picture of the boy with the balloon, is that you? that weird thing you drew in japan that was like, half deer half man, was that you? cause I've always thought it was.

I wish you would post more artwork. You don't know how happy it makes my heart :) love you

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