Sunday, June 14, 2009

my new home away from home

so i was pretty nervous about my first experience as a volunteer worker. there's all kinds of people out there, and what if i got hooked up with the crazy ones who would make me work 12 hours a day, and feed me only if i pleaded?

i lucked out like you wouldn't believe. look at this place!

the family that owns the place treats me as one of their own. i'm given an endless supply of delicious food, work about 5-6 hours a day, with 2 days off, get my own room, and use plenty of clumsy, awkward japanese.

its crazy to be working at a restaurant in japan, helping cook the food, serve the customers, the whole lot. SWEET!


The Family of Logo said...

sounds to me like you have been blessed indeed. stay safe and be happy!

mom said...

See? It all worked out. No need to call people at the airport bad names.

ryan said...

mom youre so funny, you act like that day made me think my life was over or something. i wasnt even the slightest bit mad when i wrote that blog. just trying to put some emotion into what i write so it isn't boring.

mom said...

Ryan, do you even know me at all? I know! You and Ashley crack ME up. Give me at least a LITTLE credit!