Tuesday, June 23, 2009





Gene said...



Ash said...

um... yatta!

yeah, you DO still hae english only readers here, you know? snob...

The Family of Logo said...

Ash, he knows, maybe he just doesn't want us to know what it is he's about to eat! LOL!

mom said...

Are the bugs from your previous post part of this meal?
Actually, it looks pretty darn good. What is it? (in English, please)

ryan said...

cmon you guys cant use google translator? i just said "I made yaki soba!"

and i made fun of mom.

mom said...

This is what I get when I use Google translator:

"Made Yakisoba! Well, I say that it helped her EIKA"

Is the second sentence making fun of me?

Ash said...

yeah, it was supposed to say "my mom only makes hamburger helper"
;) LOL

Mmm yaki soba. Okay, I've only made the stuff that comes in a little microwavable container but it is GOOD so I'm sure what you made is 10x better!

mom said...

how rude!