Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whos got time for that?

Ive been trying to draw more often, but I usually end up watching TV.

My Japan inspired doodles.


Garyn said...


Patrick Jinks said...

Somebody get this boy back in the states...NOW.

Ashley said...

the last one reminds me of something. the tall guy reminds me of the monster in Pan's Labyrinth but the guy with the nose ring... I can't figure out what he reminds me of. anyway, they're so cool!

MJM said...

Wooo hooo! So glad to see you're still drawing, kid. And glad to see the Anime influence being replaced by . . . by . . . well, whatever it is, I love it :)

Keep posting your sketches! I wanna see one drawing a week . . .(was that our old deal?)