Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh I LOVE trash! I love it because it's TRASH!

I've never been the cleanest person (a nicer way of saying Im a complete slob), but in Japan its a little harder to keep the mess to a minimum.

I have still not figured out how to dispose of plastic bottles, and those who know me know I drink an abnormal amount of liquid. Water doesn't come in convenient 5 gallon jugs here. You buy it by the 2 liter bottle at most stores. This pictures doesnt do it justice, but I have about 50 of these 2 liter bottles sitting by my front door. It really is quite the pathetic site.

I need a girlfriend or something.

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merochan said...

hahaha I buy the same jugs but usually i take them to work so I recycle them there but at home is fine too. .'re lazy.

ps. I have a boyfriend. check out my blog. :)