Monday, October 22, 2007

I think mufflers make me look more friendly.

In Japanese, what we call a scarf, is a muffler. (think spanish vowel sounds)MA-FU-RA.

Brutal best descibes the summers in Japan. Various sicknesses are named after summer to give you an idea. The last 4 months have been "sweat until you look like you just jumped in a lake...5 minutes after you walk out your door" hot. So when the weather turned cold without warning, giving me a chance to don a warm scarf, I was STOKED! Hisashiburi mafura san! Long time no see, Mr. Scarf! I didn't own one, so I went to Hanjiro, the used clothing shop, and bought one for the (in Japan) fabulously cheap price of 5 bucks. Best bang for my buck since I came here. Maji desu. Seriously.

To celebrate the cold my friend Nori and I went to starbucks to paint and draw some peektchars outside on the deck. It had been a long time since I last sat at a cafe and drew with a friend. Nori is really into chaotic abstract expression as you can tell. I don't really understand it, but it looks fun.

An interesting character, Nori is. He spent a year in New York...homeless, paying for food by selling paitings and getting the odd job at a moving company. Lived in parks around the city, where he learned some pretty vile slang (which he likes to use a LOT). Its always a bit odd to hear Japanese use bad words, cause I know they don't really understand why they're bad. It just sounds...unnatural.

The painting session was followed by ramen at the famous (in Fukuoka) Ippudo Ramen. BARI BARI UME!!!! DELICIOUS!!! When you finish your first bowl of Ramen, you can order Kaedama, which is another helping of noodles that you put in the broth thats left over. Usually 100 Yen, or about 85 cents. An incredible deal.

The bathroom was interesting.


merochan said...

did it have a shower head too :) J/k. . . I'm not sure what I will do about staying in Japan or not seeing as I am enjoying Tatsuya more and more everyday. He still has a year of college left and will most likely get a job in Tokyo for the first few years. . .I'm not sure. Going home seems like the best idea for paying off my loans too. I know that the Lord is with us and that whatever He has in store is what's best for our relationship. I know that I would do a long distance relationship with Tatsuya. He's worth it. I can maybe make enough to pay off my loans and come and go to Japan as I please :) we'll see. God willing. But I'd still like to stay here till at least March or April. Again depending if I have a job and all. . ..suck! Wow, NOv 14th is soo soon. Sorry this comment has turned more into a letter but . . . .for some reason I didn't e-mail you instead. I love the pics and these days I am knitting scarfs. .it's great scarf season. . .and a good season to be in love by the by. . . shoot did I say love. . . is it too soon to say that? wakaranai. . . :) You should make it up to Tokyo before leaving. . . I'd like to see your face again in Japan but if not. . sweat. Love ya.

Derek said...

Hey man! Glad to see you're getting back into drawing. Keep it up! Miwa still hasn't written me back, so I'm sending off another letter tomorrow, haha. If you see her around, tell her I cry myself to sleep.

Anonymous said...

You do indeed look friendlier in your scarf! Don't know what to say about that bathroom shot. What's up with that?

MJM said...

Ryan -- what's your email address? Send it to me!