Monday, September 24, 2007


I wouldn't touch the crane games in America with a ten foot pole. A waste of money AND crappy prizes? No thanks.

In Japan however, the arcades (or geemu sentaa) are packed from wall to wall with the things. And they almost always have prizes that make you actually stop and consider playing. The staff walks through the aisles, occasionally opening the glass doors to align the prizes in a way that makes them ridiculously easy to get. There's no easier way to impress a date than to win her a cuddly stuffed animal. Its better to fail on purpose the first time so it looks like it was really a challenge.

Take a look at the cute little pink bear on the bottom left. What girl wouldn't want one?

But when you come closer, you find its not quite what you expected. Whats great is they are next to those adorable hamster like brown things.

The ad here says something to the effect of:

"Gloomy is Pity's pet bear. Pity properly disciplines him, but it appears he can't remember that he's not suposed to attack people."

God bless Japan.

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Wendyness said...

Gloomy Bear rocks! The story goes that Pity found the poor bear cub alone, raised him, but Gloomy's bear instincts set in when he became a full grown bear - thus he constantly attacks Pity now.

So cute though. I have a lot of Gloomy Bears :)