Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Dance

My good friend Ai Ueno invited me to a concert on Friday night at this extremely compact club, Keith Flack. The band was Little Fats and Swingin Hot Shot Party (ridiculously hard to pronounce for Japanese people...go figure) from Tokyo. This was their second time in Fukuoka, and they were INCREDIBLE. It was my first time seeing an all Japanese Jazz band but all my fears were put to rest as soon as the first note was played.

EVERYONE was dancing their hearts out. It was a blast, and I was the ONLY white guy there. It was like...heaven or something.

My incredibly creative artist friend Ai. We met quite randomly on a missionary ship that was staying in the Fukuoka harbor. Sometimes I go to church with her and her family, but it takes about an hour and half to 2 hours to get there, so I dont make it every Sunday.

Ai`s boyfriend is a stinkin awesome DJ

The concert was followed by a 2 hour conversation downstairs in the lounge, ALL IN JAPANESE!!! Naturally, it consisted mostly of me intently listening, wracking my brain for any words I could understand. The guy in the sailor outfit spoke about as fast as the micro machines guy, which certainly didnt help in my ability to understand, but he was such a good storyteller I couldnt stop listening.

Good times. Many dances were danced. Many friends were made.

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Patrick Jinks said...

Now THIS is a blog! Exotic places...exciting adventures in a foreign land...chopsticks...cool! Now don't get lazy...keep the posts coming. Now that I know your blog address, I'll link it to mine. I see you have already done the same for me. You're like one of those really cool dudes! Love, Uncle Pat