Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Raging River of Death: Part 1

I don't have a stomach for boats, or long car rides, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to leave the city behind, and reunite with the color green. My friend Tetsuya invited me to come along with his friends for a rafting trip in Kumamoto, about 2 hours south of Fukuoka by car.

It's not officially a road trip until I take my token road trip mirror photo.

We got there just as the bus was about to leave for the river, so we had to get ready while everyone, in typical Japanese fashion, waited very patiently for us.

My "I'm ready to take on the RAPIDS" face

From here I obviously couldn't bring my camera, so I only have the few pictures one of the rafting company employees took.

First we got a brief lesson in how to survive, in Japanese. Its so wierd to understand what people are saying. Im still not used to it.

About to embark on our adventure.

I wasn't feeling sick just yet...

Around this time I got sick. I didn't puke, but as we approached this 5 meter rock and were told we would jump off, the nervousness must have gotten to me. I'm not a fan of being up high without a rail to hold me back. I don't have a picture, but I DID jump. I was quite proud!

The guide told us the rock is called Tiger Rock because it looks like a tiger lying in the river. I really didn't see it...just said "E----H?!" along with all the Japanese people.

3 hours. 3...stinkin....hours. But it really was a lot of fun.


Andrews Family said...

I'm so impressed! Good job! I once jumped off The Point in La Jolla when I was 13. Scary, but I did it! Love you,

Ashley said...

okay so I totally laughed out loud when I saw the bloody panda, you just gotta love the japanese :) sounds like you're having fun! love ya!