Sunday, September 9, 2007

A long time coming...

Ive been in Japan for what...4 months now. A bit hard to believe, especially considering how much trouble I have communicating, but this whole language learning thing is finally starting to come along.

Rather than try to create an interesting story in the 20 minutes of remaining break time I have between classes, Ill just how you pictures. Stories can come later.

I lost my camera in Korea and had to buy a new one, these were the first pictures I took.

Ohoori Park. I pass through here everyday on my way home. Its a good way to get away from the smell of exhaust for a few minutes.

an old man i found reading the newspaper in a sweet little resting spot.

a river pretty close to my apartment

my sweet basket carrying my trusty umbrella.

the building on the right is my apartment. Chris if you read this you will love to know that my apartments name is Riberaru...or "Liberal". I just moved in here about 2 weeks ago. It was quite the experience.

a sneak peak at my TINY apartment. Its actually pretty big for Japan standards.

this is the cooking equipment that came with my "fully equipped" apartment

this so-called stove is an old electric MESS. and it stinks.

These things are my best friends. Throw an eggand some boiling water in there, and BAM instant gourmet dinner.

BARI UMA! Delicious!

I miss you all, Ill write more later. Sorry for not putting up ANYTHING in the last 4 months. Ja!


Kayoko said...

I like tha last picture of youself.
Enjoy in Japan, and hopefully I will see you someday soon!

Garyn said...

Nice pictures rye. sweet ride by the way.i wanted to put a funny napoleon dynamite comment here where napoleon sees pedros bike for the first time, but I cant think of one. lame.

Lovely said...

Is that a Ramen-esque meal? The type that one could "live on" in Japan?
I must say, poverty at its finest; it looks like a delicious way to survive.
Anyway, thanks for inviting me into your Japanese journey via blog. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Rhyme, nice to finally get an update from you. You look very handsome! And I LOVE your bike basket. We miss you. Bristow still walks around the house looking for you. Come home soon!

john said...

Ryan (if that is your real name)...
Reconginize this? It belonged to you're father...
You're the most awsomest blogger I've ever read, kind of. Really? No, not really. But it's cool that you try. I should to move to Japan and we could be friends in a wierd you're-old enough-to-be-my-father kind of way.
Seriously though it's way neato cool that you're "out there".