Saturday, October 10, 2009

its a nice view...

...if you're into that "under construction" look

here's the view from my dorm room window! this is actually a welcome change from the first couple of days i was here. in order to keep my window protected from paint, it was covered over by this semi transparent plastic sheet that basically made the outside just look like a big bright blur. it was INSANELY claustrophobic.


Ash said...

lame ;P

I want to know MORE!!! Comeon, are you so busy that you can't tell us anything else?

That picture is pretty sweet though. It looks like a textured photograph.

But really, what have you been up to? how long are you staying? how are you deciding where to go and how long? You're keeping us pretty much in the dark.

mom said...

Yeah, I'm with Ashley, come on! You're having this awesome adventure all by yourself, and we would like to read and see more about it. Oh, BTW, we will mail your glasses on Monday.