Sunday, October 11, 2009

モーモーランド moo moo land

to those of you who are wondering what im doing not trying to be vague. i just dont feel like writing unless i can make it interesting. no one wants to read a boring blog. i study japanese like crazy at school, and i dont usually feel like writing anything, so i just post pictures instead. my mind thinks in pictures, so when i see a picture theres a whole story there. i guess i just assume everyone can read my mind :)

in a nutshell:
over the summer i worked at a restaurant and a farm as a volunteer, then settled down in fukuoka. now i live in a dorm, school started a week ago, and its harder than i thought it would be. i go to a church here and draw lots of pictures for them!

went to a HUGE petting zoo in the mountains with the church and ate sofuto kuriimu (soft cream)! there was a drawing contest...and i won but was embarrassed that they even considered my drawing over the little kids drawings.



Ash said...

well, I know my blogs aren't the most interesting, but it's important to keep my family updated because we are so far away.
The people who read your blog who really matter don't care if you are not writing anything incredibly interesting, they just want to feel, in some small way, that they are with you.
You are fantastically interesting to probably far more people than you realize. You do know that I never got the opportunity to travel and experience these amazing things that you get to live. Sure, I've lived my own adventure but it's drastically different from your own. So how about you get to read all about what raising a family at far too young an age is like and I get to read about what spending your twenties traveling, meeting new and different people, experiencing the variety that the world has to offer is like.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way :)
I love you. And I hope that you are truly enjoying all that you are able to experience.
I think I said experience a lot.

bmonzon said...

Pictures are good enough for me!

K. Flewelling said...

I do not get notifications either, and I am surprised that I saw your comment as recently as I did.

I am glad I made your day with a comment. :D Comments are delicious. Like ramen.

I hope I didn't give anyone my love-lice. I do not have lice anymore, so you do not have to fear sharing hats or hugs with me.

the mom who loves you said...

You may not think this was an interesting post, Ryan, but Ashley's right, it was very interesting to those of us who love you. These photos are FANTASTIC! Did you take them with your camera that we just mailed to you?
Thank you for taking time out of your adventure to post something. It made my day! And I will try not to be on your case about it (but you did go a really long time between posts, so if you do that again, I may have to bug you again. But, as Srinivas would say, (read with a heavy Indian accent) "I mean it in the most nicest way possible!"
Love and miss you!

The Family of Logo said...

This was a fantastic post!@ I've been reading (well, viewing the photos) for a long time now and as interesting as all of your adventures seem to be, there's something to be said about the written word as well. Thanks for opening up your mind and jotting some of it down for us to "see".

Gene said...


Ms.Susie said...

Fantastic photos, Ryan!