Tuesday, March 9, 2010

forgive me father, for i know not what i do

yesterday because of the freezing rain, customers were scarce. only the truly brave could muster up the strength to walk down the long, cold alleyway to our restaurant. with 4 staff just standing around picking our noses, one of us had to be sent home early. there was no drawing of straws involved. just a simple "ryan go home"

my apron flys off. i grab my backpack and zip-up hoodie (didnt realize it was going to be 2 degrees today when i got ready in the morning) from the back, and walk out to the main floor to say the mandatory お先に失礼します (osaki ni shitsurei shimasu...or, i'm going to be rude and leave first)

i'm putting my right arm through the sleeve of my sweatshirt when my boss, with a look of horror, says

ryan! in the back in the back! you cant change clothes in front of the customers!

you'd think i was standing there in my underwear.

change clothes? i'm just putting on my sweatshirt...i must have had an expression of complete confusion

with a laugh mayumi tells me that in japan, before you leave the staff area, you need to be completely dressed, even down to having your backpack on. the simple act of putting a bag over your shoulder in front of the customers can be taken as an offense.

i hope my gaudy display didn't make any of the customers lose their appetite.