Thursday, January 14, 2010

my first snow.

ok, ok. so i lied. its not my first time seeing snow, BUT! its the first time (i can remember) actually living somewhere that snows, not just visiting for a day or two. and when i woke up this morning to this view i was stoked!

i dont want to here "thats not snow! you should see the 6 feet of snow our house has been buried in for the last 3 months!"

you're just jealous cause i don't have to bust out my shovel to get out of the driveway.

for a guy who grew up with 100 degree christmas afternoons (not australia buddy, san diego! it technically WAS winter), this is glorious, fluffy SNOW that fluttered ever so gently down from heaven and kissed the rooftops of my quiet neighborhood.

someone built this hilariously ugly snowman in the park.


Gene said...

Very cool Ryan!

Scotty Vega said...

i laughed out loud when i saw the snow man. i'm glad you got a picture of it!

Ash said...

oh the snowman is so great! That's what a lot of snowmen look like around here too when the snow finally starts to melt and you can actually build one (because for most of the winter it is actually too cold to build one as the snow is dry, not wet as needed).

and hey, I totally know what you mean about the snow! It was super exciting for me back in the day too :) Now I nearly cry when I see it coming down in the middle of fall, knowing that I won't see another patch of green for the next 7 months.

Gene said...

Where I grew up in Louisiana you were lucky to get snow every couple of years. And there would only be 2-3 inches which would last maybe 3 days. One year we built a snowman. He was almost 7 feet tall, mostly brown in color with dead grass all over. Not a pretty picture really.

debby said...

We had hail here yesterday! : ) I thought of you all week as we were having all the storms. You would have loved it. But now I see that you were actually having great weather there (for you). LOVE the snowman!

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