Tuesday, April 21, 2009

the only way to fly

i hate crowded planes. once i got sick on a plane coming home from thailand. since i was in the middle seat in a row of 5, the folks next to me were woken up about every 20 minutes so i could go to the bathroom. felt like i was gonna hurl the entire way home. good times. now i always ask for an aisle seat, but when i asked for one this time, the dude at virgin australia said "an aisle seat? how 'bout i just give you your own row?"

i guess if planes were always this empty they would cease to exist, but i wish it could always be like this.

made it safe and sound to oz, and after an hour of roaming the parking lot, found my rental car.

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The Family of Logo said...

lucky! I've never been on a plane that empty! Of course, I bering the crowd with me, what with 4 kids and all!