Tuesday, December 9, 2008

But they just moved in

Yesterday morning an F-18 fighter jet crashed into a San Diego neighborhood without warning.

Eating lunch with some co-workers, I'm watching the crash site from a heli-cam on the news. The street looks so familiar, but...that's impossible. I mean really, this kind of stuff doesn't happen to people you actually know, it just happens on TV right?

I get a call from the roommate. It was across the street.

Across the street?!

Yeah...a fighter jet crashed into our friend's house. It's gone. The house is just gone.

Nothing can really prepare you for hearing that. Suddenly this whole thing went from being incredible to being gut wrenching.

. . . . .

Last month my friend's aunt and uncle moved into the house across the street from me because they needed more room for their growing family.

That two story house now looks like this:

I took this picture from my roof last night after being escorted to my door by the police. As you can see the house is just completely gone. There's really no heap of rubble, its just gone. The saddest part of this is that, while my friend and his uncle were at work, the rest of the family was home. The mom, grandmother, and 2 kids were all killed in the accident.

The picture doesn't really do it justice, but it's like a warzone in my neighborhood. Military personnel are walking around, police, firetrucks, and a swarm of news vans completely block the road.

This is the site that greets me now in the mornings on my way to work. Right outside our dining room window is a horde of newscasters and cameras. My car is parked up the street so I walk through them all on my way.

It's an incredible tragedy that affected the whole neighborhood. My house has very somber atmosphere right now considering we all know the guy who lived there. But at the same time of course we feel an eerie sense of relief and thankfulness. The jet passed right over our house on the way down. Had the pilot aimed just a hair lower, it could have collided right into us, and with all 3 of my roomies home at the time, it's not a pleasant thought.

And to think the only reason I came into work (I was going to call in sick) was to show a co worker a portrait of her family I had finally finished.

What an intense day.


Gene said...

I am deeply saddened for the families affected by all this and very glad at the same time you are okay.


Wendyness said...

I'm shocked to hear you were right across the street, but very happy to hear you're ok!!

erin said...

gosh dang. makes it even worse when you know the family. it's so very tragic.

debby said...

I watched the guy on the news last night, and I just sat there bawling like a baby! So very sad. And so weird to think about how close it came to your house.

Patrick Jinks said...

Holy Moly! I heard about this jet crashing, but had no idea it was in your neighborhood! Terribly tragic. We just never know do we?