Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello my name is Simon

Ever drawn a picture and then thought how cool it would be to watch yourself draw it? I know this junk's been around for ages, but I just did it for the first time and got a kick out of watching my drawing actually being drawn, but at super high speed! SICK.

Not exactly the most creative thing in the world, but I'd never tried this program so I went with the tried and true.




your proud mom said...

Seeing it like this makes it look so easy. The funny thing is that, when it looks finished to me, the video keeps going and it just continues to get better and better. That's why I could never be an artist. Very, very cool!

Ash said...

I was thinking the same thing :)

that's so cool! I actually was thinking I need to try to record jenna doing a drawing sometime becuase I love watching how she draws, I think it is really unique. but she would get all paranoid and end up doing a really lame picture if I tried so I just let her be.

I'm still waiting to find out if you really are planning to visit this fall.

The Grewe Crew said...

Remember the happy trees? That's what this was like. Watching it and saying okay, good! Then you made the sparkle in the eye brighter and you think, oh no! It was fine! But then you look again, and it's even better! You're so cool. I wish I could draw eyeballs. :)

erin said...

rad. ashlyn says, "he's VERY good."

Ash said...

I guess you and Scott gave up on the Thailand blogging.