Saturday, June 21, 2008

Go OUTSIDE for Once in Your Life!

So I haven't really posted any pictures of this lil' place called Southern California yet. About 4 months ago I bought this really nice camera, thinking I would be a professional photographer overnight...but I haven't had time to learn how to properly use it. So while here are some of my humble attempts at photography, they were taken with the little point and shoot that could.

Right now I live in a hotel designed for old people. But here's the view from my balcony:

Usually when I work downtown I get this RAD view. This time I'm not so lucky, but we'll just pretend this is still the view I see on a daily basis:

This is about a 15 minute walk from my current place (i'm borderline homeless at the moment, but that's another story). But lets be real. I never walk there. Driving only takes 3 minutes and I'm impatient:

On the way to Santa Monica. This is pretty close to the famous warning sign of the Mexican immigrants darting across the freeway:

Santa Monica sunset:

Something about this makes me of think of an 80's movie. Or maybe Baywatch?


mom said...

I rest my casae. Beautiful!

mom (again) said...

I mean "case." Argghhhh!

ash said...

ah that's gorgeous! still not gorgeous enough to drop 1400 on a three bedroom apartment, but very nice all the same :)

mom (again) said...

what!? where could you find a deal like that in San Diego county? Maybe Ramona.

ash said...


Patrick Jinks said...

You are so lucky to have a view of a paper bowl on the counter every morning downtown!